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"Cultivating education, generating information"

Peruvian Association of Cannabinoid Medicine

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Asociación Peruana de Medicina Cannabinoide

The Peruvian Association of Cannabinoid Medicine is an organization made up of a multidisciplinary team whose objectives are to generate, receive and transmit information regarding the latest scientific, medical, legal, regulatory and economic advances in medicinal cannabis in the world, to make them accessible. to different health professionals.


14, 15 y 16 de Septiembre

- 2023 -




Generate scientific quality information on cannabis and its therapeutic application. 

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Receiving updated information and creating teaching and dissemination spaces is.


Provide professional advice regarding cannabis to the entity that requests it. 

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Promote scientific research on cannabis and its application in human medicine, veterinary medicine, nutrition, among others.

Promote cooperation at the national and international level between people, groups, institutions, or existing networks in relation to cannabis and medicine for the benefit of society.



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